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Exhausted, tired beyond belief and I made this. by MichaelG1234 Exhausted, tired beyond belief and I made this. by MichaelG1234
Arriving home at 2am Saturday morning after a 1600 mile drive across Europe, exhausted and tired beyond belief with no way in hell of being able to sleep I decided to fire up DAZ and this popped out of my about to crash brain.

Rendered to 2.99k samples using the sun light with the sun it self set to pink and the portra 800CD film setting.
The pose is one from the DM Kay set.
DOF was done by focusing on a small null in front of her left eye.

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Hi. I think this turned out well, but since this is a critique, nit-picking is a must, so here goes. The lighting is good, but perhaps a little flat. You say you used sun for lighting, except I see multiple shadows on the background plane, so a bit confused, unless you also had other lights in the scene. When I say it's a bit flat, I'm referring to the lack of specular and reflection highlights on any of the shiny surfaces. This could be a material issue more than a lighting issue. Some of the surfaces in the scene could benefit from some enhanced material parameters. The shoe buckles, for example, are typically made of metal in real life, so perhaps a good silver or chrome material for these would provide that extra realism to make the image really pop. You are using a really advanced, physically accurate, non-biased render engine that takes some time to produce images, so it's good to show off the capabilities of your effort by utilizing some materials that other render engines wouldn't do as well with. Metal is one of those. Next, the hair. I know transmapped hair is tough to work with in an image where action is involved. The hair needs to have the proper morph parameters to make it seem real. In this case, i see you did put effort in trying to make the hair move. The issue is, the hair doesn't look real. Reason being, the textures are not meant to take advantage of realistic rendering. There's no bump in the texture, there's no real highlights, and the baked-in highlights only serve to make the image appear more flat. It's best to use hair in which the highlights are not painted or photographed into the diffuse texture when using IDL or environment lighting. Same goes with eye textures. Let the material create the highlights based on the scene lighting alone. Her clothing is cool, but again, lacks any sort of depth. Not your fault that the products used do not come with proper texturing for realistic renders, so there's only so much you can do if you don't know how to create your own specular and bump maps. Try using Crazy Bump, which is very simple, and has a free trial, to create Bump, Specular, and other maps from a diffuse map alone. You can then use these to add to the parameters for more effect, and increase the level of realism. I hope this critique helped. This isn't a bad image, I like it. This crit is based on the fact that it just doesn't seem like an image where Luxrender was used, or needed. It could have just as well have been rendered in 3Delight or some simple render engine in half the time. However, the potential to really make this a hyper-realistic render is there. Just a few material tweaks and texture map adjustments, and it could be jaw-droppingly realistic. Nice pose, however, and I love the DOF.
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maxxxmodelz Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
The DOF is great. Nice work on the character. One thing I noticed right away is the stockings are poking through the boots. In Studio, you can put a smooth modifier on the boots, turn on collision, and pick the stockings as the collision item. Adjust the smoothing iterations if need be until the boots no longer intersect the stockings. Poke-through in D|S 4 is usually quite easily solved immediately using that great feature. That is, only if you have Daz Studio 4. Any version under 4, and this is not an option.
MichaelG1234 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well noticed Maxx, I didn't see that, maybe I was just too damn tired :D. I use studio pro 4.
lolatmyself23 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wrote a crit as per your request, but crits are what I suggest if I really nit-pick. I'd also like to compliment you on the things I do like here. Great DOF. You got a perfect blur on the close and far tassles, and good effort trying to at least incorporate some motion into the hair and other items that really aren't designed to move realistically. It's your efforts there that matter. Definitely consider tweaking the materials in Reality a bit more if possible. Looking again, I do see glossy highlights on the cloth, but the specular effect is way too tight for cloth. In other words, they are "too" glossy, and it actually makes them look like there's no highlights. Also bump maps would work on the cloth to breakup the highlights more realistically too. Good effort. God love her for trying to cheer dressed in those heels. ;) Hope her ankles hold up. :)
MichaelG1234 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you referring to the neck part of her top? because I set the skirt and top to matt in Reality, must have missed the neck part. Thanks for the nice comments. Think I have just about nailed DOF, need to move on and get bump and displacement better.
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August 5, 2012
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